SMU CSI Camps: Practicing with Face Detection

imageObjective: Practicing with Face Detection

In this part you will gain experience with face recognition software. Learn more information about face detection in Face Recognition.


Notebook Computer with PowerPoint
Creative Live!Cam Optia AF


Take a turn with the camera and take a picture of your face without any effects.
Use Live!Effects to add glasses, mustache, hat, steam from ears, etc. (It detects eyes, mouth, ears, etc.)
Take a picture and save to USB drive.

Objective: Face Painting to Defeat Face Detection

Now see how face detection can fail when you use face paint.


Face Paint
Creative Live!Cam Optia AF


1.  Apply face paint onto your face.image

2.  See what happens with Live!Effects when you try to add glasses.  Is the face recognized at all?  Can you add a hat?  If the head is turned slightly, is the face not recognized?

3.  Take a picture(s) and save to USB drive or folder.

These designs are from

The Live!Cam algorithm can detect the 2nd, 4th, and 5th choices.  For the 1st and 3rd choices, the face is not recognized if the head is turned slightly.  The camera may recognize a face with the 3rd choice, but the location of the eyes will be incorrect.

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