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The Mind and Body

The Mind and Body

The human mind is a maze still waiting to be discovered. What do you think of when you hear the word memory? The complex maze of the mind has led scientists to a journey to the depths of neural anatomy of the human brain. Even still it is a region yet to be fully mapped. The discovery of the different subcomponents of the brain has given neuroscientists insight into how and which parts control certain emotions and body functions.

Knowing the different body mechanisms has helped merge the field of engineering and biology. Many cool inventions like the PET scan and the MRI have helped change the face of medicine in diagnosing and treating different diseases of the brain and body. With instruments such as these we can detect whether a certain phobia affects the size of a region of the brain! Even cooler are surgical robots which have the ability to peel a grape, showing how much we have advanced to such intricate technology!

Understanding the mind is a huge concept of Psychology. Medical sciences have paved the way for diagnosing many psychological disorders as well as physical diseases. Even different robots are being created to mimic human expression and understand how we perceive this world by recreating for them! Learn more about the mind and body to understand these new advancements which have contributed to the medical field!

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