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  • Spooky Lava Lamps

    Spooky Lava Lamps

    Through this activity, students will learn about the concepts of density, polarity,…

  • Whistle with Straws

    This activity teaches students about sound. It describes the definition of a pitch,…

  • Be a Mineralogist

    Be a Mineralogist

    This activity teaches middle school students how to distinguish between minerals by…

  • Marble Coaster

    Through this activity, students will learn how gravity affects objects in motion. T…

  • Magnetic Slime

    This activity involves making magnetic slime. Through the activity, students will l…

  • Human Physiology

    The activities will teach students about human physiology. 

  • Evolution

    The activities will help teach high school students the concept of evolution! 

  • Is Yeast Alive?

    The activity will teach students to use the scientific method to see whether or not…

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