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Did you watch the 2012 Olympics? Did you see the amazing Oscar Pistorius zoom through the 400m men's relay with his amazing Cheetah Flex-Feet prosthetics? He competed in the Olympics alongside some of the top runners in the world! The use of prosthetics has not only changed the face of sports but it has changed the life for many with disabilities.

Whether because of injury, disease, or birth defects individuals and animals may come have to amputate their limbs or may have been born without certain limbs. Biomedical engineers work with Prosthetists and Orthotists to create mobile, and often similar in appearance body parts to help them. Prosthetics have changed many people's perspective on disability. Furthermore, not only have they been built for human purposes, but new innovations are leading the way in creating prosthetics for animals too!

Check out these amazing stories of courage and faith that many of the users of these prosthetics have gone through! Look at the cool activities and see if one day you will also be working for one of the leading biomedical companies around, helping people live their life's full potential!

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