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You watch as a gecko moves slowly walks up across the glass window on a hot summer day. You stare at it, amazed, wondering how it is possible for it to walk up across the window without falling. Besides the amazing ability to grasp to the glass, you look at its other characteristics and realize how different it is from you.

What classification does the gecko fall under? The gecko is falls under the species Reptile. This classification of animals is known to be cold blooded because they are unable to generate their own body heat. Did you know that today, there are approximately 7,900 species of reptiles? The reason that reptiles can inhabit land unlike amphibians is due to the fact that they are scaly and can lay hard shelled eggs.

As of right now there are four classifications of reptiles: turtles, squamates, crocodilians, and tuataras. Although reptiles share many characteristics, they differ in size, color, and many other cool features! Want to learn more about different types of reptiles? Check out this cool Animal Kingdom!


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