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Tsunamis & Floods

Tsunamis & Floods

Did you know that the Earth's surface consists of about 70% water? We encounter water every day in the shower we take each morning, the water we drink, and the pools we swim in. You probably wouldn't think that water can be very harmful to you. Imagine having to quickly evacuate your home one day because fast-moving water is seeping into your house and it will soon be waist-high! Imagine playing on the beach on your family vacation when you see a train of giant waves approaching from the distance and sirens alarm, ordering everyone to run inland immediately! These instances are the product of floods and tsunamis, two of the most deadliest natural disasters out there!

Tsunami waves are not like the usual waves that you catch for surfing.  They can be hundreds of feet high in shallow water and as fast as 500 miles per hour!  Some of these violent waves have enough force to flip cars around, wreck houses and buildings, and wipe out entire villages in a matter of a few minutes! These series of waves may be the result of an underwater earthquake, landslide, or even a volcanic eruption! Floods are no less dangerous. Flood waters not only serve as a horrible inconvenience for those whose houses or businesses must be evacuated, but also put evacuees in danger. Trying to drive in high or rising flood waters could severely injure the driver. Even a person standing in front of their driveway could be knocked down by rapidly moving flood water!

You might have a hard time picturing these events happening around your neighborhood, but it is always good to be prepared in the case that you might encounter a tsunami or flood. Explore the Tsunami and Floods section of KidsAhead to learn more about tsunamis and floods and how you can protect yourself and others from these deadly natural disasters!

Image by Malene Thyssen, http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/User:Malene