Face Recognition - Features and Measurements


You will gain more experience with face recognition and take measurement of your own face. Learn more by reading Face Recognition


Face Pictures from Face Recognition Activity


1. Using picture of your face, mark corners of eyes and mouth and tip of nose.
2. Fill in the chart to measure distances and compute ratios (normalized distances). 
3. Compute average ratios for a group and make scatter plots, if time allows. 


Label points:

    A B C D
      F  G 


 Denominator AD=_______ 


 Normalized, divided by AD 

 Distance AB (eye width)
 Distance BC (netween eyes)    
 Distance FG (mouth width)    
 Distance AE    
 Distance EH    
 Distance AF

Assume symmetry. Assume E and H are on a line bisecting and perpendicular to line segment AD. With that assumption, one other distance is enough to locate E and H (why?). If we assume EH is perpendicular to FG and bisects FG, then distance AF is enough to locate the mouth (why?). Compare normalized measurements. Why do we normalize the data?


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