Build an Earthquake-Proof Structure

Students will construct a structure out of drinking straws to see if it can withstand an earthquake. Students will learn about the concepts of force and engineering design to accurately create the structure! 

Earthquake Tower

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  1. KITTY 12:43 AM September 1, 2020


  2. PassIs1234 2:01 PM May 28, 2021

    my password is 1234 please hack me i thought it would be funny

  3. PassIs1234 10:11 AM August 17, 2021


  4. PassIs1234 1:00 PM October 13, 2021

    @KITTY done

  5. PassIs1234 1:00 PM October 13, 2021

    hacked this thing

  6. PassIs1234 3:45 AM March 9, 2022

    @KITTY Creative idea! Hope you had a great day today.
    - From a teacher in Canada :)

  7. PassIs1234 2:37 PM April 19, 2022

    LOL i hacked this mate wtf would u let someone do this thou

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